We Are Not Getting Out Of Here Alive

… and most people don’t realize what a blessing that is!

I used to believe my life would be over by 30. A medical professional who was respected in his field told me this. He was a smart guy, so why wouldn’t I believe him? The only way I knew how to handle this was to completely ignore it! I spent 13 years of my life in total denial! I was reckless, maybe even out of control, and while I told myself I was having fun, deep down I was miserable.

What would you do if you were told your time on Earth was limited? My book will challenge you to rethink everything about your life.

As I write this, I can’t believe that was me!

Today, I Am A 51-Year-Old, Happy, Successful Entrepreneur Living A Life Filled With Purpose And Fulfillment!

So what on earth happened in the last 32 years and why should you care?

Because your life matters and my story can help you!

I published my book for one single reason…I believe deep down, we are all born to make a positive impact in the world but that we only have a limited time to do it. I want to share my story because I know it will inspire you to move past the limits you might have placed in your life, help you identify and develop your strengths, and encourage you to share them with the world!

The decision to step into your full potential isn’t easy and your chances of achieving all you are capable of can be compromised if you:​

  1. Lack clarity and focus

  2. Lack a sense of meaning and purpose in your life

  3. Lack confidence to take action

  4. Have limiting beliefs

When I was self-sabotaging myself all the time, I never questioned my own thoughts or my own behaviour. Having others point out the obvious only added to my low self-esteem.

Like many people, I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life after school. Living in confusion, I was always indecisive. I never knew what I really wanted. Not having something that gave my life purpose gave me a continual sense of dissatisfaction and unfulfillment. I felt like I was always missing out. I didn’t understand why I felt stuck and why I seemed to have an inability to overcome obstacles and repeated setbacks.


I successfully navigated all these hardships! In my book, I share not only how I survived my wild and crazy adventures but also how I escaped a victim mentality. I don’t know anyone who has been given more second chances in life than me. Most never survive half of what I bounce back from. Can you believe I have had 3 near death experiences and 5 close calls over 51 years! Taking responsibility for my own destiny and changing the way I viewed my world empowered me in ways I could never have imagined and allowed me to create the life I wanted.

I own a successful company. I have a loving family. I drive expensive cars and my home is worth millions… I tell you this not to brag but rather as an example of what is possible. Many may look at my life now and wonder how I got here…

It wasn’t luck. In many ways I have been pretty unlucky.

It wasn’t talent. I am no more talented than the next guy.

It wasn’t capital. I started with very little, and initially lost way more than I earned!

So what was it? Where can you learn my secret?

It’s All In My Book!

I initially wrote it only for my sons, but after bargaining for my life in 2017 and making a pledge to my surgeon, I decided to share my story with the world.

I am living on borrowed time. Right now, I am being kept alive by new medication that I can only access in America. This medication is keeping 6 of my brain tumours and 4 aggressive cancers in my remaining half kidney from growing.

I have an incredible drive to use the time I have been given to make a positive impact in your life through sharing my experiences with you. I invite you to read my book and see how I turned adversity into strength, time and time again. It will inspire you to:

  • Live a life that is motivated by desires and potential instead of fears and​ insecurities

  • Overcome the limits you might be placing on your life

  • Understand, accept, and embrace your mortality

  • Change your mindset and see how that changes your life-I would love to show you how!

Life is too short to live in stagnation, and then one day look back and notice you missed your chance! Living a life short of our full potential is not a legacy any of us want to leave behind. Regret weighs too heavy!

My story matters to people who want to live a life worth living but fall short in achieving the life they know they are meant for. My story will help you reflect on what living life well means for you. Am I living a life that is

authentically true to me, in harmony with my inner desires and enjoyment?

P.S. Jack Canfield (Author of Chicken Soup for the Soul®) just sent me this! …

”I just love your story. I think the first half reads like an Indiana Jones kind of thing. I couldn’t stop turning the pages.”​

4.8 out of 70 reviewers

Captivating memoir

I liked the pragmatic insights the book offers. It helped me understand more about my inner strength and how to handle uncertainty. I am quite a perfectionist so, it is hard for me to deal with things when they don’t work out perfectly, but this book really helped me improve this part of my life


Amazing read

I think the author's narrative is not only deeply personal and engaging, but it also serves as a powerful guide for me to face my own challenges. I love all the stories of this memoir. I felt so connected and it really made me change my mind and the way I react when hard things happen.

​I believe that his book would be so eye opening for anyone who reads it and even more if you are looking for a significant impact in your life and in the lives of others.



Reading about his colorful life makes me think about how I may not be living life to its fullest. That maybe there is more out there for me than I originally thought. I have dreams that I haven’t fulfilled and lives that I haven’t touched.

Jankulovski has taught me that even though people try to tell you that you can’t do something out of fear of failing, that you need to decide for yourself if that fear is going to keep you from fulfilling your dreams. You need to start living for yourself. And to do that, you need to find out who you truly are, and believe that you can live your dream. Only then can you truly live and enjoy your life. ​


100% Money-Back Guarantee

If after reading my book you didn’t gain:

  • A new source of inner strength and belief in yourself, belief in your dreams

  • A broader perspective on many aspects of life

  • A new level of confidence in dealing with uncertainty​​

  • An understanding on how to live as an empowered person, no matter what life throws your way

  • ​A sense of not giving up

If you didn’t find yourself:

  • Reflecting about your own life from a new perspective​

  • Re-evaluating what living life to the fullest means for you

And if you weren’t:

  • Able to identify with my story

  • Able to go on an emotional roller coaster of highs and lows with my story

  • Entertained

If you checked any of the options above, email me your responses with the proof of purchase and I will be more than happy to give you a full refund, including the shipping cost.

8 Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I read your book?

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered if this is truly it or if there’s a greater purpose awaiting you?

If so, you will find reading my book rewarding as I navigate some of life’s toughest challenges. My story embodies the relentless pursuit of a meaningful life against all odds, making it a powerful read for anyone searching for deeper fulfillment and personal empowerment.

It’s an intimate exploration of resilience and self-discovery, offering you not just stories, but transformative strategies that have been lived and tested in real life.

My book serves as a beacon of hope and a source of motivation for those who are struggling to find a silver lining in their own life struggles.

Does the book come in eBook and audiobook versions?

Yes, you have the option to get the audiobook on its own on Amazon or you can buy the bundle offer (paperback, ebook, and audiobook) for $9.99 within the U.S and $24.99 for international. This price includes the shipping cost.

These formats collectively cost $37.93 on Amazon, plus the shipping fee.

How will your story and life lessons alter my life?

These life-altering lessons are not about dictating how you should live; rather, they provide a fresh perspective on approaching life’s challenges. Embrace the journey of self-discovery and empowerment and witness the possible shifts that could unfold in various aspects of your life.

​1. Gaining clarity on your life’s aspirations and identifying obstacles in your path

2. Discovering your purpose or your “why” that will fuel your actions

3. ​Feeling compelled to take meaningful and purposeful action​

4. ​Effectively navigating life adversities and potentially avoiding wasted time in negative emotions​

5. ​Transforming your thinking, thereby creating positive changes in your life

When will I receive what I ordered?

Depending on the book's availability. The paperback should arrive after two or three weeks (internationally) depending on your location. As for the ebook and the audiobook versions, you will get immediate access as soon as you purchase the bundle offer.

Who is this book for?

The book is ideal for individuals yearning to discover a more profound purpose in life beyond merely surviving and getting by.

1. It speaks to the rebel, the dreamer, the struggler, and the seeker in each of us—anyone ready to uncover the rich reservoirs of inner strength that live within​.

2. At the very least, the book is for anyone who wants to enjoy an engaging and captivating read that promises to uplift and entertain.

Will the book really work for me?

Rest assured, the principles and strategies outlined in Near Death Lessons are not just theoretical. I am living proof of their effectiveness.

The potential for transformation is real. The distinctions and strategies shared in the book have consistently transformed my life across decades. No assurances or guarantees can be made on the type of impact my story could have on your life.

My sincere hope is that through the power of storytelling, you’ll find resonance and discover ways of applying the perspectives in your life.

Can I relate to “Near Death Lessons” if I haven’t experienced a near-death situation?​

Yes, you can. You don’t have to face life-threatening situations to connect with universal questions about purpose, mortality, and personal legacy. My story will encourage readers to reflect and apply the insights from my life experiences to your own life.

Is the 100% money-back guarantee legitimate?

Absolutely. I invested six years of dedicated writing to uphold the highest standards in storytelling, working with a variety of industry professionals along the way, including a resilience consultant who diligently studied the material. Over nine months and 26 Zoom meetings, we delved into the core of my approach to adversity, distilling the reflections and insights into the five life-altering lessons presented in the book.

Rest assured, the 100% money-back guarantee reflects my commitment to the transformative power of these lessons.

If you loved Near Death Lessons…

Kindly leave it a review.

I’d love to know what you think of my story and how my life-altering lessons are working for you.​